Charity job vacancies in Bradford district

We advertise job opportunities as part of a free publicity service for voluntary and community organisations in Bradford district called DIVA Bradford.

Advertise a job

Voluntary and community organisations in Bradford district:

Add a job to the DIVA Bradford website. Your charity or community group must be delivering services in Bradford district to use this free service.

Questions about job adverts

Vacancies you can add to DIVA Bradford

  • Paid jobs
  • Management committee or board vacancies
  • All vacancies must be at voluntary and community groups that work in Bradford district

We do not advertise

  • Any vacancies at private or commercial companies
  • Vacancies at voluntary and community groups that do not work in Bradford district
  • Volunteer opportunities that are not management committee or board vacancies

To advertise general volunteering vacancies contact Volunteering Bradford or Keighley Volunteer Centre.

Change or remove a job advert

Email or telephone Community Action Bradford & District on 01535 612500. Please ask for Emma Taylor or Paul Colley.

Find a job advert

Job adverts appear on the website after they have been approved by DIVA admin. The vacancies page lists all current job adverts in order of closing date, with the soonest at the top.